Foundation Training Plan

for the New Athlete

$200/month with a 3 month minimum; 30 day cancellation
$100 initial set-up fee


Are you new to triathlon, duathlon, running, biking? Not sure how to get started? Victory’s Edge now offers a training program for the beginner endurance sport athlete, who has a moderate level of general conditioning and is serious about taking “the next step”. Whether you are a runner, cyclist or multisport athlete, Victory’s Edge provides you with a cost-efficient program that is affordable and allows leeway to work with a certified coach to meet your personalized goals.Get the sound education and training you need for 90 days – then YOU make the decision!


Included with This Program:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and other training considerations
  • One phone consultation per month to review your plan week by week making the necessary modifications
  • Emails and texts as needed
  • Monthly Schedules (4 week blocks) of Run, Bike, and/or Swim Workouts
  • Suggestions for Strength & Core Training
  • Training Log Template

Think this is the plan for you? Contact Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching to get more information and get started!