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Athletics and Self-Preservation – Be Careful Out There

As an athlete, a competitor, in governance and as a coach, I have actively been involved with triathlon since 1986 – from racing to win a Gold Medal (AG) in Sater, Sweden to being elected the first female President of the Board of Directors for USA Triathlon. Seeing the growing epidemic of obesity in youth, I founded Alive with MissionMe! in 2005, a charitable organization using “multisport” in curricula as a means to fight childhood obesity in America. At the end of my racing career, I knew my relationship with triathlon wasn’t over, so I became a USA Triathlon Level II Coach and founded Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching business in 2007.

What I didn’t count on was, though fit as ever, I had NOT taken care of protecting my skin against the elements. No one was as surprised as I now to have faced two procedures: corneal surgery (pterygium excision) in 2014 & Squamous Cell Carcinoma in 2015

Both directly correlated with sun accumulation over many years.

Though I can’t make up for years gone by, I CAN take the best precautions of caring for my skin going forward.

BeautyCounter product lines offer the purest ingredients possible so I know I am protecting my skin to the highest of my ability. As a coach, it is my “job” to spread the word, especially to athletes young and old, to warn them against the irreversible damage the sun & environment can do.

Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching has partnered with BeautyCounter so you can find a link to the website on our Partner Page