Adding Youth

 Triathlons for Kids?


Triathlon is a life long health and fitness activity; it is a life sport. Our introduction of youth to the sport of triathlon is a great way to get physically fit for a lifetime. Age appropriate training is key to ensuring young triathletes develop properly and compete at their best. Our coaches’ education and experience equip then with the necessary skills and tools to enhance youth and juniors' performance through proper technique, training and recovery. The end result is achieving a feeling of success and accomplishment throughout the sport of triathlon. We at Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching help them set realistic and achievable goals while making their training exciting, fun rewarding but most importantly, safe!


Why Use a Youth Coaching Expert?


Amateur sports used to mean varsity and league teams in high school and college, but today more than thirty million kids play on a wide range of recreational and competitive or select teams at younger and younger ages. Parents want to encourage safe sports for their children, both on the field and off. Whether your athlete is a six-year-old beginner or the star of a youth triathlon Victory’s Edgeprovides guidance on everything from working with youth to preventing and treating sports-related injuries.

Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching has designed programs with the defined objectives of helping to put fun back into physical activity, and to enable your young athlete to be the best that he or she can be, both on and off the field.

Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching provides two kinds of guidelines. First, it helps both you and your child keep a sensible perspective on the benefits of organized sports and avoid a "win at all costs" mentality. Our coaches help parents evaluate real-life situations and decisions. We address the concerns of parents who have no experience in sports but want to encourage their children to achieve their utmost potential.

Using a qualified coach specializing in youth and junior development can help ensure you are getting the most out of your child's training program. Youth coaches observe the big picture. If your child is struggling with putting all the components of a triathlon together, performance during a race, comparing themselves to their peers or running out of energy during training then their lack of professional youth coaching may be part of the problem. Victory’s Edge Multisport Coaching training programs are designed specifically for youth and juniors based on their development both physically and psychologically.